Highly recommended! I've personally been seeing Dr Heather for over a year. I feel amazing, and credit her care as the turning point in healing from a fall last winter. Her office is located in Westerly. She specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics as well. I have found that chiropractic adjustments allow the benefits of massage to be much more effective and longer lasting for many of my clients. Thank you Dr Heather!

H. F.

She was amazing during my pregnancy and has been great with my newborn. The whole family loves going to see Dr. Heather

J. J.

Dr. Heather is the best!!! Not only an expert in her field but is kind & caring as well!!

K. W.

So wonderful and patient! She helped tremendously during my pregnancy!

C. N.

I don't even know where to began. My 8 month old suffered from extreme re-flux. She would puke entire bottles over and over all day. She was losing weight and the only solution her Dr. could come up with was pumping her with more meds. After hundreds in co pays I decided that enough was enough. I took her off all the junk the doctors prescribed that were doing nothing. As I was driving to work one day I heard the radio ads for Oceanside. After hearing of another's success with chiropractor with baby I decided to give it a try.

I could not be happier or more thankful for the results. My daughter is a completely different little girl! She is so happy. While the puking isn't completely gone I would say it is definitely more spit up then puke at this point and even so it's so rare that I would definitely say this was a complete success. If you are even somewhat considering this for your newborn... DO IT! It is totally worth it and Heather is just amazing with the little ones!

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Thank you so much!!

C. Perkins