Welcome to Oceanside Chiropractic where our mission is to help patients and their families achieve a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic and natural health care solutions. Our office is located in Westerly, RI at Mill Pond Plaza. When you enter our doors, you will find a warm, welcoming, and kid friendly atmosphere. Making your family happy and healthy is our number one priority.

Dr. Heather is committed to educating her patients that health is not merely just the absence of pain and disease but more importantly how the body is functioning. While you may be aware of some benefits such as eliminating or reducing neck pain, lower back pain, and headaches, chiropractic care also boosts the immune system, helps regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure, and helps with proper digestion. Call Oceanside Chiropractic today and ask how we can help you begin your journey towards better health.

Oceanside Chiropractic supports The United States Armed Forces

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