Highly recommend! My whole family (2 adults and our infant son) sees Dr. Heather and we all see her for different reasons and love our adjustments. The affordability of the care is especially helpful and allows us to go several times a week. She is extremely professional and friendly and welcomes new clients warmly. Her office staff are wonderful, too! Very friendly, efficient, and helpful. We always have a pleasant visit and look forward to seeing everyone at Dr. Heather's!


I have been getting adjusted throughout the last half of my pregnancy and I have felt like my body is in so much better shape to give birth than my first pregnancy. Last time around I had a lot of aches and pains, mainly sciatic pains, and adding chiropractic care to my routine now has made a world of a difference. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Heather for prenatal and pediatric care!


Could not speak more highly to the care I received from Dr. Heather and the Oceanside family. As a first time mom it felt wonderful to go into labor and delivery feeling confident that both myself and the baby were ready and for that I credit Dr. Heather's comprehensive, compassionate, and professional care.


Dr Heather always keeps me well adjusted.. Compassionate and accommodating..Thank you!!


We have been seeing Dr. Heather for a little over a year and have fallen in love with not only chiropractic care but the staff as well. My husband was skeptical about chiropractic care after my neck injury (the reason we started this wellness journey) but Dr. Heather answered all his questions and put him at ease. She talked my kids through each process so they knew what was happening, they now race to the table to see who gets to go first. I am so thankful for Dr. Heather and her staff, they not only help us feel better with adjustments but genuinely care about how we are doing and what is going on in our lives.