We love Dr. Heather! We went to her when we needed bodywork for my two youngest before and after a tongue-tie revision. She even consulted with our lactation consultant to make sure that she was releasing everything associated with the ties. This was a new area (working with tongue tie revised kids) for her and she did a great job. She is great with the kids and always took her time with them and made them feel comfortable. I liked that she listened to my concerns and worked with me to find the best way to heal my children. I liked that I always felt empowered in their care. When we got to a point where she needed to release my daughter differently, she consulted with her mentor for the best method. She was always willing to do research and ask others if she didn't know how to do something. I liked that she didn't act like she knew everything just because she was the doctor. She always made me feel like my thoughts and concerns mattered. I also saw Dr. Heather for migraines and lower back pain. She would see me with little notice when I got a migraine and would save my day. It would take one adjustment and I could function again. I cannot say enough about the benefits of chiropractic when it comes to migraine. I used to suffer for days upon days several times a month and now I rarely get one. When I do, one trip to the chiropractor will fix me right up-no more suffering for days on end. We were patients of Dr. Heather when she was in Hawaii. We miss her and my kids still ask about her and her daughter when we drive past the practice where she used to work. If you are looking for a caring healer, Dr. Heather is a great person that will work very hard to get you the relief you need.

Karen D.

Our Chiropractic story!

My son was 18 months the first time he received an adjustment. He had been in a walking cast for 3 weeks and was still walking funny. Our medical doctor, blew me off when I asked for a referral to the chiropractor which was the only way our insurance would pay for the visit. So I decided, my son needed this and as any parent, decided I would do whatever it takes to get the cash together for the appointment. I called a local chiropractor explained the situation and they offered to see him and work out a payment plan. I will never forget what happened next. My little boy was sitting on the table, his hip was adjusted. He very seriously looked at the doctor and pointed to his other hip and said, 'now this one'! Everyone got a good laugh! My son and I continued to be treated. This was my first pregnancy that I was treated through...it was amazing!

Expecting my second child, working as a hairstylist who was also doing manicures and pedicures to help make ends meet was tough! Chiropractic care helped me to work until my 7 month which was incredible since I had other medical issues during pregnancy! I really wanted my chiropractor at the hospital to adjust the baby when she came but my husband wasn't quite there yet. My daughter was 7 days old when she got her first adjustment! We received care for the next 16 months and then changed duty stations. During that time the baby never even had a runny nose and sleep so well and my son who was almost 4 by this point was not getting as many behavior reports from preschool. I didn't realize how so many of these things that had become part of our daily life until we moved and didn't have our chiropractic care.
For the next three years, I believed we couldn't afford care because no way would I find someone who had been as generous as my Oklahoma Chiropractors. I would wait until my pain in my back became unbearable or until one of the kids couldn't get over a cold before I would take them to see a chiropractor. Being too shy and ashamed about my financial situation, I wouldn't ask them about a payment plan for regular care. Instead, I depended mainly on the FREE care I got from our insurance.

Then we moved to Hawaii, (rough, I know) . I had a very difficult time at our last duty station with medication management for my mental health issues, weight management issues and my kids had been sick all the time. During the time, I chalked it up to the crazy weather there. I was determined that this new duty station would bring health back into our lives! When I was in Washington, my doctors increased my mental health meds and come to find out I didn't need meds I needed a c-pap machine! When I got to Hawaii, I asked my medical doctors to titrate me down off my meds and I was told, I wasn't sane enough to make that decision myself and sent out of the office with even more medication and a higher dose. This was enough to really anger me!! How dare they tell me that I can't make my own choices about my body and what goes in it!!

This was what I needed to be brave enough to think about chiropractic care again. I will admit, I didn't really understand it but I knew my meds were less when I had care in Oklahoma. So I started to research how chiropractic care helped anxiety and depression. After all, I would need evidence for my husband if I was changing the budget. Then one day while on the beach with our dog, I tweaked my back and I couldn't move for 3 days. I had never experienced anything like it. I cried, a lot! My husband was upset that I wouldn't go to the doctor and get meds. (With addiction issues, I didn't want any meds and I knew the doctors are too quick to prescribe heavy hitters for pain management when you have an insurance that will pay for prescriptions). So with pain and a stretched budget, I was brave enough to ask another doctor to make payment plans for me. With my first adjustment, I could walk without pain radiating in my feet! It took a few weeks for the doctor to get the pain to disappear but the whole time Dr. Heather, educated me on how to make sure my adjustments were holding, stretches and yoga. Dr. Heather, was very kind allowing me to check out books in her library for me to learn more about how and why chiropractic care was working so well. Chiropractic First, is a must read! My kids, were also being treated and stopped being sick all the time and my sons behavioral issues were starting to 'resolve themselves'.

Dr. Heather and her caring educational approach to treating her clients is priceless ! (Oh, and now on my third chiropractor, I've found they are all willing to make payment plans within your budget to ensure that care can continue! They understand that right now our medical system isn't encouraging of this but that's why chiropractic care is so important and needed in a healthy and natural lifestyle.)

So to sum it up, here are my top 5 reasons for receiving chiropractic care for my family !

5) I am managing my children's ADHD diagnosis without meds with the help of chiropractic care and have decreased my anxiety meds!

4) I can go over a speed bump without crying because of the pain

3) Immediately after an adjustment I can walk without pain radiating in my feet and legs.

2) My kids sleep better when they have their spine aligned properly... restful peaceful kids...makes for a happy mommy!

1) I honestly believe my kids have never missed a day of daycare or school for illness because of their amazing immune systems.

Emily Vass, Oahu, Hawaii

I started seeing Dr Heather at the beginning of the third trimester of my second pregnancy. I had never seen a Chiropractor before, but had an idea of what an adjustment was all about. I was stiff, sore and starting to feel that "pregnant waddle" setting in. With my previous pregnancy by the beginning of my third trimester I was basically unable to walk more than 15 minutes and sitting was a lesson in abject pain. I was not looking forward to this one. I knew my soon to be born little girl would come into the world with some issues specifically bilateral club feet, and possibly some other issues we would have to deal with - but more on her later.

After my first adjustment, I was amazed to feel almost back to normal! I am being perfectly honest when I say that even the colors seemed brighter! Dr Heather suggested a course of treatment 3 times a week for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was all for it if it was going to keep me walking! I followed her advice and continued to see her 3 times a week for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was able to walk and sit comfortably all the way through. When Robyn started to list to one side, an adjustment set her back to centerline. When she started to drop towards the end of my time, Dr Heather was able to help me open my pelvis to allow her to drop straight and as comfortably as possible for both of us.

I was adjusted the day I went into labor. It was night and day from my previous birth experience. With my older daughter, labor began just after 9pm on a Saturday night. I stayed at home for a few hours, finally going to the hospital at 3am. I was 5 cm when I arrived. I was offered an epidural after 3 hours of contractions and took it. Biggest mistake of my delivery. I was then given pitocin to speed up the contractions that had basically stopped with the epidural. I pushed for 4 hours and was completely exhausted by the time my older daughter arrived. She was stuck in the birth canal and I was unable to move to help her into the world. I felt so completely out of control I wanted to cry. I spent the next 9 hours on the bed waiting for the epidural to wear off enough that I could be moved into a recover room. The following week was one of agony as my body tried to return back to it's pre-pregnancy self as much as possible.

With Robyn, my second daughter, I went into labor at 10pm on a Friday night. I decided to labor at home as long as possible to avoid the kind of birth experience I had with Morwenna.I made a commitment to deliver naturally if at all possible. After 2 hours, I woke my Mom who was staying with me and said - "it's time". We got Morwenna over to my friend's house, got up to the hospital and into Labor and Delivery...only to find out I was already 8cm dilated! Robyn was welcomed into the world less than an hour after we arrived at the hospital. Even if I had wanted an epidural there would have been no time! I was up and walking within 15 minutes of her being born and felt almost completely normal! I was shocked and in awe! My recover was also amazingly fast. The morning following her birth, Robyn spent a few hours in the NICU for various reasons. I had to walk down to see her. With my previous birth experience there is no way I would have been able to make the walk down the hall, let alone the 1/4-mile to the NICU. After I got home from the hospital I called Dr Heather to let her know I was ready to get my post partum adjustment going. I wanted to stay feeling as good as I already was. I had my first post partum adjustment 4 days after giving birth. I could talk completely normally with virtually no pain. I am still amazed at how good I felt and feel post partum.

Now on to Miss Robyn. I knew at her 20week ultrasound that she would be born with bilateral clubfeet and possible a few other issues. Long story short after much testing, we discovered she has a very rare genetic mutation called Sheldon Hall Syndrome. It makes all of the muscles and tendons in her body extremely tight. The main markers are severe complicated clubfeet and developing scoliosis as the child grows. Dr Heather first adjusted Robyn at 4 days old. She is now 11 weeks old. Robyn is in hip high casts to treat her clubfeet and will be for the foreseeable future. One of the issues for her is that the right side of her body is tighter than the left, which may eventually cause the scoliosis. Dr Heather's adjustments help keep her loose and even. When adjusting her you can see her reactions as the adjustments fit into place. This morning Dr Heather finally got one to set that she have been working on for 2 weeks (she is adjusted 2 times a week and has been since 4 days old) and Robyn actually coo'ed and her eyes opened wide! After her adjustments Robyn eats better and sleeps better too. I look forward to her growing more so we can keep working on her to help keep her healthy.

My older daughter, Morwenna, is also seen by Dr Heather. At 2 1/2 years old, she has the ups and downs and scrapes of a toddler. As she hits growth spurts her adjustments get more intense and she really, really enjoys them. If she falls at home, she says, "Mama, we go see Dr Heaver, she fix my back!" And Dr Heather does! After her adjustments she usually sleeps all the way home.


Dear Dr. Heather,

I thank God every day that I found your help on the North Shore, while living on Oahu. I had broken my wrist, wrenched my other arm and hand, and was all but crippled when I met you that Sunday at the Farmer’s Market. I feared never being able to continue my work with children as a school psychologist. A local orthopedist pronounced my wrist “healed,” but neither it, nor my other hand and arm were functional.

I continued my care upon returning to the Mainland in January, with another Bio-Physics Chiropractor. I am happy to say that I am getting my life back, and was able to evaluate nearly 60 children this past spring. That would not have happened without your effective intervention November 2009 – January 2010.

You are among my favorite Aloha memories!

Sheryl Brim Futrell, Ph.D., NCSP

Pregnancy Testimonial

I was 34 weeks pregnant when my midwife confirmed my son was lying transverse. This concerned me greatly as I did not want a c-section nor did I want to have an external version to move him into place, as is often a painful procedure. I opted to seek the help of Dr. Heather Hunscher since she is certified in the Webster Technique. After my first visit, the baby moved a lot and overall my mid-section felt looser. The midwife confirmed three days later that he was head down!!

J. Smith